Event Driven Programming

Final Project Proposal

Shane Taylor

Steven Ford

Jason Merrill

The Rationale / Focus of the Application:  

        Spotter is a program built around a custom workout experience individualized to the user’s body type and the specific goal the user wishes to work toward.  Given the user’s specifics and selecting a desired goal, Spotter will develop both a detailed workout and dietary schedule.  After completing a workout or eating a planned meal, the user can update Spotter which will track their overall training plan progress.

Design goals:


        Spotter will implement an intuitive user interface that clearly indicates the purpose of each window of content.  With implementation of user interface controls that allow the system to collect user data, data processing that produces a dietary and workout training program, and a delegates system that updates and displays the user’s overall progress to their goal.

blue page.png

Target Audience:

        Spotter’s target audience is anyone who wishes to achieve a fitness goal and doesn’t want to pay the fees of a personal trainer.  With Spotter, you can work out whenever it’s convenient for you and not your personal trainer.  Whether you want to lose body fat, hit a target weight, get in shape for a marathon, develop a greater cardio ability, or build muscle - Spotter can help you get there.  Spotter is also great for users who know that the right diet is just as important your workout schedule.  With its dietary recommendations based on the user’s specific info, a complete dietary plan is created taking the guess work out of calorie intake.

Main Elements:

Limiting Factors:  

Users will not have the ability to share personal data between each other over the internet.  A social media component would help with user engagement and marketing. The marketplace already has copious amounts of digital workout assistant available. Due to lack of development time, Spotter will not be able to incorporate wearable technology tracker data as other digital workout assistants do.  User commitment to diet and fitness schedule.