Who Am I?

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I'm a developer, e-commerce veteran, and travel enthusiast.

What Am I?

I am a self-motivated and seasoned e-commerce professional with nearly 20 years of managerial experience and leadership skills transitioning to a developer role where I can create impactful and smart solutions as a Software Developer.

I've earned a Bachelor of Science Cum Laude in Computer Science from Northeastern Illinois University and I am a registered Android Developer.
Check out my educational app Graphy, created with help from a National Science Foundation
grant to help middle school kids learn geometry in a fun and interactive way.

I also have a Network Pro certification with TestOut.

Example Work

My Github profile with an iOS - Swift app, Oracle SQL Developer database, and other develper example work can be found here.

Graphy Project Highlights
Live in Playstore [download] Event Driven Programming Responsive Layout Validation Controls Multilayered Logic Compatible With 90+% Android OS Imported Custom Library

Graphy is an educational Android App designed for common class-room Chrome tablets that I created during a 10-week internship at Northeastern Illinois University. Selected as the Computer Science expert for a mathematics focused group of students and professors, I worked on a National Science Foundation research grant focusing on Computational Thinking and bringing that thinking to younger students. I solely developed and deployed the educational app Graphy to help pre-service teachers teach the fundamentals of Geometry to middle school students while employing Computational Thinking. Graphy's Github repository can be found here.

Brew Buddy Project Highlights
SQLite Database Listviews Adapters Validation Controls Database Versioning Cursors & Cursor Adapters

Brewbuddy is an Android Application designed to help the homebrewer brew great beers. Brewbuddy has a database of popular recipes, an ABV calculator, and a bottle calculator so that come bottling day you know exactly how many bottles to sanitize. You can even add your favorite recipes direclty to the home screen for quick access. BrewBuddy's Github repository can be found here.

Spotter Project Highlights
XML Database Event Driven Programming Collaborative Work Via Github Databinding C# Collections Microsoft .NET Framework Coupling and Cohesion Best Practices

Spotter is a Windows Presentation Foundation application written in C# and created in Visual Studio. Spotter is a powerful diet and excercise App to help users manage their calorie count, select a workout type, manage their workout schedule, and motivate them to achieve the body type they desire. The Spotter project proposal can be found here, and Spotter's Github repository can be found here.

Software Engineering Documentation Project Highlights
Thorough Graphical UI Mockups Detailed Input, Output, Actions, Post Conditions, and Validation Easy to Read and Understandable Format Entity Relation Diagrams Flow Charts UML 2.0 Diagrams

Trained in the methods of Software Engineering and the life cycle of the software development process, I am Agile and Scrum knowledgeable. I understand the necessity of exceptional communication skills and the imperative of working within a considered strategy. To that end, feel free to peruse my example Analysis and Design Document and Software Requirements and Specifications.

Pixel Hero Project Highlights
Cooperatively Created Through Agile Process Functional Multi-Entity MySQL Database Secure Administrative URLs mysqli_connect Authentication Full Stack Functionality

Pixel Hero is an example online game hub built with PHP (version 4.5.4) designed to connect gamers with each other and content they care about. Using phpMyAdmin on a MySQL server type, my team created a robust site with a database consisting of multiple entities full of user and administrator specific tools.